Case study: Site Suitability Assessment

A client in regional NSW came to First Field Environmental with a problem. The local council required them to demonstrate the soil types present within their paddocks and prove that the paddocks were suitable to support pasture for horse grazing.

First Field Environmental undertook field surveys, which included slope measurement and extraction of soil samples. Our investigations suggested that the soil across the property was capable of supporting horses but showed some of the limitations our client may face in regard to horse numbers and pasture management.

With this information on hand, First Field Environmental presented our client with a Horse Management Plan that detailed the number of horses able to be grazed in each paddock at any one time, and included a schedule to guide our client in seasonal pasture management and horse nutritional needs during their lifecycle. The Horse Management Plan achieved a balance between environmental limitations, the client’s preferred management inputs and the optimal number of horses to make the horse agistment venture viable.

The detailed field survey and practical advice delivered by First Field Environmental meant that our client’s application to council to develop their property for horse agistment was successful.