Case Study: Skimmer Pump Pond Rehabilitation

First Field Environmental’s expertise in assessing and recommending rehabilitation options and developing remediation plans was demonstrated during a project with Delta Electricity.

The decommissioning of Delta Electricity’s Munmorah Power Station meant that the on-site skimmer pumps would be turned off to prevent the need for future monitoring and maintenance. The Skimmer Pump Ponds would then no longer be required and DeltaElectricity proposed to rehabilitate the ponds and return the site to a sustainable natural regime of native vegetation and drainage.

First Field Environmental put-together a comprehensive report that considered the alternatives to rehabilitating the ponds, presented the various rehabilitation options, described the best solution, and assessed its potential impact.

As part of this report, First Field Environmental recommended that the ponds be drained, the fish relocated to an adjacent waterway, and that landscaping and planting be undertaken for the site to resemble the local landscape.

The Skimmer Pump Ponds have since been rehabilitated taking into account the recommendations presented by First Field Environment. The site now resembles the adjacent natural environment both topographically and floristically and no longer requires regular maintenance by Delta Electricity.