Flora and Fauna Reports

Flora and Fauna Reports address the requirements of local council.

Integrating the natural environment into the planning and decision-making process can be critical for the success of your project.

The early identification and assessment of the flora and fauna constraints of a development has the potential to avoid or mitigate impacts, streamline the project approvals and benefit the community.

Our ecologists work with local governments, land management agencies, planning authorities, land and infrastructure developers, and water authorities to deliver outcomes that achieve your project objectives while protecting and managing the flora and fauna.

case study: ecological assessment for Origin Energy

Members of our team were engaged to conduct an ecological assessment for Origin Energy’s upstream coal seam gas project in South East Queensland.

The project involved pre-clearance flora surveys and environmental scouting at Taloona and on properties near Reedy Creek, Spring Gully and Chinchilla, and vegetation community identification, mapping and botanical identification. It incorporated the use of published vegetation mapping, aerial photo interpretation and ground-truthing, while the field surveys required the team to walk the boundaries of each vegetation community whilst entering structural and floristic data into handheld GPS units. This data was then transferred to the client’s software platform and reported on the location, extent and disturbance of each vegetation community. The final report that was delivered to Origin Energy assisted them in evaluating of land suitable for coal seam gas extraction.

case study: flora and fauna assessment

First Field Environmental was commissioned to undertake a flora and fauna assessment report as part of a development application to demolish buildings, remove vegetation and construct multiple single storey dwellings.

In completing the assessment, the specialists at First Field Environmental carried-out extensive stakeholder consultation and conducted field surveys to determine the flora and fauna species and population that are present or likely to be present in the area.

After identifying that two threatened species and one population that was likely to exist in the vicinity of the site, an assessment of significance was prepared for each species and population listed under the TSC Act and significant impact assessments were also undertaken for those species and populations listed under the EPBC Act as Matters of National Environmental Significance.

First Field Environmental’s practical advice and recommendations assisted its client to proceed with the development.

case study: stock management plan for Enhance Place Mine

First Field Environment was engaged by Enhance Place Mine to prepare a Stock Management Plan and provide guidance in relation to stock management on the property.

Enhance Place Mine operated as an open cut coal mine from 1997 until its closure in June 2005. The former Enhance Place Mine has been rehabilitated and revegetated to pasture, and is now grazed by miniature horses, horses, ponies and cows by the new property owners.

The report produced by First Field Environmental provides the property owners with a plan for maintaining the land as pasture for grazing and to promote appropriate stocking rates in accordance with the land capability. The preliminary report was provided to Enhance Place Mine and the property owners to facilitate discussion about the feasibility of land management practices in terms of desired land use.

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